SEAFOOD to see life : When I ate whipray !!

Hello Diver !

Jonas Salk’s quote (who was the first Olympic vaccine of the world) used to said that “If a plenty of insect is extinct from the world in 50 years all the living thing will be end also, on the other hand if all people disappear in 50 years all the living will be continue breeding.”
Do you agree with this quote?

Because my house is close to the sea. It’s always me remind me about the important of the under water’s ecology. If the under water’s ecology is good, of course we can easily go fishing in order to find seafood by ourselves or go to the market every time we want to. 

When I was child, I have never been thinking about the under water’s ecology. Whether it is big or not include a pregnant fish, I take them all. Until one day i watch nonfiction about underwater world. It makes me realize that a current situation of the under water’s ecology is not good now, losses a lot of balance, it is destroyed by people.

“OMG !!! I’m a destroyer”, I think that from this cause, I’ll avoid fishing and I swear to myself I’ll get only fish that can eat (just the right size and not in pregnancy)

Recently (begin of 2016), I go fishing with my brother, we can get a whipray. I’m very glad because I very want to try it. Whipray that we get is a right size and it is not too big to eat. (about 12 inches, 1Kilogram). While we are fishing, everybody push the angler forward. Everybody afraid of missing the whipray and bad news occur. Unfortunately, Whipray that we got, she is in pregnancy. Every feel really sad, we have to let her go and say apologize to her. In conclusion we got nothing so we go to the market and buy it instead.

I forget to tell you that a whipray that we got isn’t wildlife conservation. We can eat and it is still a lot in the sea. The photo as below it’s the kind of ray and fish you can’t eat.

If we can do follow the above mentioned it will be a good benefit to the under water’s ecology. The living thing that is under the sea can be breeding by itself. By the way, now I try to change to eat something that feel like whipray when we eat such as chicken. When we stir dry whipray, it taste will be like a chicken and it is also look like chicken without finding and eating whipray.

We help to protect it and also under water’s ecology.
Writer by Mint - Thais diver


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