Mission Possible ?? A busy prepared before diving internship !!

First of all, We are going to show you how do all 4 trainees who come to learn to be a dive master in the 2nd round from ‘Diving industry THAIS can do it’ project prepare themselves.

Report by Mint – Aroonkaon Jorsoontorn

We are all come from Tourism and hotel management, faculty of Social Sciences Srinakharinwirot University, and join internship project. Both of The Emerald cove Koh Chang and Dolphin Divers

In our team has 9 trainees but we have to divide in to 2 groups because we have to be trained in the hotel and diving in order to learn all the thing in Marine Tourism Business (it is becoming a famous business and only few Thai do this job. Thailand is plentiful of a beautiful natural resource but a lot of business owner is foreigner and their employees are Thai. )

Hotel and diving internship at The Emerald Cove, Koh Chang

In the first 2 months, we are a trainee in hotel before following our selection. (Wise is in Food and beverage, Ice is in Spa reception, Tao and Mint is in Housekeeping) We learn a lot  from there, working hard and a little break time. For example, In Housekeeping, there are 5 functions. Not only make up room but also laundry, public attendant etc. When many customer come to check-in in the same time, we hardly have time for our lunch. For food and beverage service, Start working early in the morning and finish in a lately night and also walk around for service to the customer. For Pool bar is such a hot temperature place but in the end we get a lot of experience and friendship from staff whom we work with.

And now it’s been a week already, internship with Dolphin Diver.

Before we’re coming here, We’re really worry with everything such as how to act with our instructor (Mr.Sacha) including to our diving mission. Can we do it or not? We always ask to our friend who train before us, how to make it happen without making a mistake, which uniform do we need to wear? How to be a good student? Or whatever we worry. We ask them so many times and they feel really annoyed us. Hahahaha.

A week passes already, it make me realize that we can make it all nothing is terrible but lot of fun instead, gain a new knowledge and Mr.Sacha is really friendly, very kind to us, a good take care us.
Just only one week, I think I get a lot of experience ( swimming skill, diving skill (Open water Diving course) include to working in the shop (Selling, Photoshop, making some advertise on facebook ) and about 1 month left I feel really excited to learn and to do every new exciting diving skill.
At last, Ice just say that "When I was working at hotel at Spa reception and pool lounge, I duty is not as hard and tired as a friend who work in Housekeeping. I duty is almost a paper work and make a customer satisfy our service, so when I come to Dolphin diving, it’s really totally different from Spa reception and Pool lounge. Diving is a body workout. I have to swimming every morning, practice diving skill, preparing diving gear. Working at the hotel I don’t need to use my power as much. For the adjustment, only doing more exercise and working follow the schedule"
We can be  a dive master, can’t us? Be continue


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