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Mission Possible ?? Chapter 1, First Mission - Skin Diving !!

Do you think Thai people can be Dive master ? 
Diving industry THAIS can do it program will challenge them with mission possible to be dive master in many skills that important in "Dive Leader" career.  
We have 6 students take part in this project such as Peam, Gedz, Book, Aeng, Net and Tuang who would like to know about diving knowledge and find the secret of underwater world in order to be a good divemaster.  
First day of class, one of the essential skills for divemaster path is "Skin Diving !" (The action of swimming underwater without a diving portable air cylinder and breathing device) 
In swimming pool, They have to swim back at short length of swimming pool for two turns within one breath.  

First Mission : Skin Diving First day of swimming pool, Mr. Sacha leave Mr. Peam and Miss Gedz try to do skin diving by themselves.  
The first result test, Mr. Peam can do one turn, Miss Gedz can do half of turn.   But with the most important concept of skin diving is control…

About Koh Chang : Koh Chang Getting There

Hello everyone...  Has anyone interested to visit Koh Chang? If you want to go, follow me....
Koh Chang is a national park and there are beautiful nature and if you want to touch with land of the sea, mountains are filled with an abundance of nature and a trip to Koh Chang is not as difficult as you think. We have 3 ways for you.
First way, you can take by air.If you want to ease and quick of travel, you can go by Bangkok Airways airline (only one airline that coming here) from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Trat Airport and ferry terminal by van the journey takes 1.30 hrs. 
Second ways,by bus.If you want to save money you can take a bus or van at Ekamai, Mo Chit and Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok (First floor, gate 8). The journey take to ferry terminal 6 or 7 hrs. 
Price for go and back around 900 THB
The final way is by car. It’s very easy follow the Bangna-Trat road or motorway (Highway 7) out of  Bangkok until you see Highway 344. Stay on the 344, looking out for police checkpoints. Join Highway 3 …

Dolphin Member : 25% discount at Shambhala Beach Bar

WELCOME TO THE Shambhala Beach Bar
Special Offers25% discount on 1 drink (Per card holder) only for their 1st visit to Shambhala Bar.
About usBeach Bar “Maybe Koh Chang’s largest selection of Cocktails at the island’s coolest sunset spot” Shambhala Beach Bar is a perfect little place located beside the beach on the Marina side of the Siam Royal View community in Klong Son
It is a garden bar beside a swimming pool that adjoins the bar on two sides. They serve a large variety of cocktails, mocktails and fruit shakes all day. It’s the kind of place where you would expect to pay a lot for the privilege of frequenting but the prices are astonishingly reasonable. This is one the best sunset spots on Koh Chang.
Contact Address             : Shamabhala Beach Bar at Siam Royal View Marina, Koh Chang
Call                     : +66 (0) 98 579 4681
Open : 11.00 am – 10.00 pm
Facebook page
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Divemaster Thais Update : Completed Rescue Diver !!! Gedz&Peam

Completed Rescue Diver !!! next step of Gedz – Chonlaphin Tansakun and Peam-Nitchaphat Liyaphankul student from Tourism and Hotel of Srinakharinwirot university. This course can make them a skill for help divers and also marine tourism when they are in emergency situations !!!
Rescue Diver course with marine tourism occupation
The objectives of this course is not only essential to dive leader but also to people working in marine tourism industry. This course is about assessment and helping victims in any situation. It is much important to assure for customer’s safety because the most influential thing customer choose for tourism service is safety.
This is another thing I have learn
We have practical exercises for helping people in panic, exhausted and unconscious situation (both surface and underwater) from this rescue diver & EFR course. For safety of rescue diver and victims, we have to can assess that we can help in any events at first. It is better that you should ask them if they…

Dive master story : The Stock room, everything is here

Sometimes there is something whatever we haven’t known before in your backyard. But ours or stock room about diving, there are many complicate things that you can’t think of.
We have learnt much about equipment and gears in this stock room such as cleaning, reserving, refilling and preparing for diving. We clean wet suits,BCD, finsandregulatorby soaking in cleanser water 10-15 minutes and rubbing them for getting rid of salty & chlorine.
Although my instructor taught us, I can’t do anything in early. I can remember a little bit and confusing procedures the same as I just begin to go school. We can do everything eagerly when it past one week. And we get start to learn more many new things. This is a part of things I have learnt from working here.
CleaningBCDand regulator, we need focus more than others. ForBCD,you should rinse the inner ofBCDbecause chlorine can bite everything in it. It makesBCDget worse in working. And for regulator, you must be very careful before clean it. 
It is e…

Ocean conservation : 3 Reasons for Parrotfish must be Alive

Parrotfish is very colorful fish.Most people feed it for pleasure, but someone feed for food. Has anyone ever eaten it? I've never because it is so colorful. And has anyone ever known how much the benefit of parrotfish for the ecosystem of under the sea?

This article, it makes us know about that, why you must conserve and treat the parrotfish to survive in the sea as long as… let's see !!! with 3 reasons for parrotfish must be alive.
1. Parrotfishs eat algae!It eats harmful algae for corals so corals not dead. Because coral is housing and the spawning of many marine animals…Do you know?
2. Parrotfishs eat coral debris!!!As a result, coral larvae fall to the ground easily and also grew up to new coral.
3. Parrotfishs have good excrement!!!Never noticed, right?It’s characteristics are “White powder”. The advantage of white excrement is increases a soil (sand) in around here which make corals grow well.It's like people, although.... Ours is not white but it is useful for homegrown…

Supporting these threaten species to protected species …By just Photo

This year, Department of marine and coastal resources is researching how many marine lives is left by all diver’s collaboration – If you meet the following marine life, Please photo and send to us.To make research statistics on rare marine life, we’ll can support these threaten species to register protected species of Thailand.
The following is threaten and endangered species. Devil rays(Threaten species) Manta rays(Vulnerable species) Bowmouth Guitarfish(Vulnerable species) Leopard Shark(Vulnerable species) Whale Shark (Vulnerable species) Saw Fish(Endangered species)
How to spot marine endangered animals? Everybody has fingerprint (The twin isn’t like each other), marine life is the same.The following is differences 
Whale Shark above the left pectoral fin Leopard Sharkentire left side of it Manta Rayentire under side of it
How to send us? Choose your pictures, Share on Social Media with #DMCR #name and YYYY/MM/DD & Site. For example#DMCR #whaleshark2015/02/25 at Koh Chang What sites can you m…

About Koh Chang : 7 dive site at Koh Chang


Dolphin Member : maximum 20% discount with Sailing and ThaiFun

WELCOME TO Sailing Koh Chang
Recently, in late 2014,  Koh Chang Sailing was set up by a local sailing enthusiast.  Emerald Cove Resort on KlongPrao beach.  These can be rented by experienced sailors or a skipper can be provided to take you on a 1-2 hour tour aground the nearby islands in the bay.

Special Offer
20 % discount
Additional Details of Discount Package half hour                 640THB   (Full price 800THB) Package 1 hour                    1,200THB (Full price 1,500THB) Package 2 hours                   2,000THB (Full price 2,500THB) Package half day, 4 hours      3,480THB  (Full price 4,350THB) Package one day, 8 hours      4,000THB  (Full price 5,000THB)
Contact  Address            : 88/8 Moo 4, TambolKoh Chang, AmphurKoh Chang Trat 23170 Location            : The Emerald cove hotel
Open                  :  9.00 am – 5.00 pm Call                     : +66 (0) 98 579 4681 Facebook page :   Koh Chang Sailing .
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Dolphin Member: 15% discount at 5 star hotel at Koh Chang