Dive master story : The Stock room, everything is here

Sometimes there is something whatever we haven’t known before in your backyard. But ours or stock room about diving, there are many complicate things that you can’t think of.

We have learnt much about equipment and gears in this stock room such as cleaning, reserving, refilling and preparing for diving. We clean wet suits, BCD, fins and regulator by soaking in cleanser water 10-15 minutes and rubbing them for getting rid of salty & chlorine.

Although my instructor taught us, I can’t do anything in early. I can remember a little bit and confusing procedures the same as I just begin to go school. We can do everything eagerly when it past one week. And we get start to learn more many new things. This is a part of things I have learnt from working here.

Cleaning BCD and regulator, we need focus more than others. For BCD, you should rinse the inner of BCD because chlorine can bite everything in it. It makes BCD get worse in working. And for regulator, you must be very careful before clean it. 

It is essential that First stage should be closed completely because it’ll be broken or worsen when water goes inside it. Then you can soak it in cleanser water and spray on First stage.  

More information about other gears, click here >>>>

Some people may be bored of cleaning all diving gears. But for me, It is a must work, must learn and feel funny with it.

I am a student in Hotel & Tourism major that make me use to doing in backyard. Making people fun in travel is preparation of backyard. Are you ready to be Dive master?

I am always ready!!!  For reading this blog, you can prove yourself, Get ready to work hard.  
Writer by Peam


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