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Mission Possible?? Wreck Dive at HTMS Chang Wreck

Guided by Mint-Aroonkamon (Students under Diving industry THAIS can do it, season4/2016) . . A depth at 22.8 m. with a slowly and cool currents. And now we are here to dive at the biggest wreck in Thailand.
….HTMS Chang Wreck..... (His Thai Majesty Ship)
Enjoyment, Excited, Anxious, lots of feeling with this diving
Anxious to dive deeply, I’m not sure with first my first dive will be like….. good or bad, excited to go to new dive site where everybody sad it was really beautiful, Enjoy diving with many fish that I have never seen before.
HTMS Chang, This ship is extraordinary. There are many things happen and long history, if you want to know it, we have to turn the time back to the time of World War ll.
It also have English name because it was built in USA. The original name is Lincoln County (LST-898) of the United States Navy. It is a large landing ship tank and builds in at the end of World War ll. The ship participated in several combat missions whether in Okinawa and the invasion of Inc…

SEAFOOD to Sea Life : Cause I bore !!, so dad bring me to find some shell.

Hello Divers
Nice to meet you again, After last blog that about Ray and Squid, Today I will bring everyone to the Shell’s world.
At first, I have to tell you that I don’t have much experience about seafood as your think. I just lucky that my Mom and Dad have a lot of experience about this so, they have known about seafood  (A little bit praise my parents LOL). Now we get back to our topic.
First, we have to know about these little living thing(Shell). In our wide and huge nice ocean world there is a lot of shell living and sometime, we have ever found it or eat some of them.
We estimate that there are at least 80,000 species of shell.
We can found it easily and I am one of the people who love to eat shell especially oyster. I feel like I am hungry now,  Hahaa .
And the story of finding shell is happen.
One day, I went back to visit my home at Trat district which is plentiful with food and nature. (a little announce my hometown lol)Because I felt bored at home so my mom took me to Ban Lamgla…

Why Thais called Hin Saam Sao dive site ??

Hin Saam Sao 
If we’re talking to the suitable dive site for diving or making a diving skill. One of the most popular dive site is Hin Saam Sao. A Definition in Thai language is uncertain, maybe probably because the huge 3 stones are arranged in three large piles discernible from far away. The depth is around 11-16m. The new dive and also the old dive who is taking Discover Scuba Diving course andOpen Water course are really fun with diving and making a diving skill because it is not too hard to dive here.

For lot of chance that brings me to dive at Hin Saam Sao for many time. I always face with a new experiences. Weathers it  be Puffer, its size is about the size of basketballs, Cartoon fish, Kun with Yellow Fish etc.

Another one experience that I faced is the large space of the rock’s piles and the coral reef  is verylarge. So it make each dive we will find a variety and exciting of coral reef. For example i used to go there when the beginning  of February and I found the coral look li…

Mission Possible ?? Making a Reef Watch and The 9 trainees

During the internship in koh chang,. Not only train in the Resort and Diving school but also there is one another good activity that I have done with my friend before go back to Bangkok. It is – we participate the lecture and workshop with lecturers who come from The Department Of Marine And Coastal Resources.
In a topic of The conservation Thailand’s ocean of ASEAN by Dive Master under Green Fin project. On the 6th-7th April at The Emerald Cove Resort, Koh Chang, Trat province.
When I see a time table I don’t really feel interested because it is too technical matter to learn till I see Diving on the second day. So, in the end feel a little bit wanna go.
Reef is Plant or animal, what do you think ?” The first question from lecturer. “Who is thinking that Reef is plant please raise your hand up”
I raise my hand highly.
And the answer is……………………..Reefs is animal” 
When I hear the answer, my eyesraise one's eyebrows. Oh my god, join…

Are you sure to eat fish? - SEAFOOD to See life -

Hello Diver
For everyone, fish is for looking or eating ??? 
When I was diving in to the sea in my first, it makes me know that both of them are really important, and how can we make them stay forever with us. Wish everything still growing as long as possible. Follow me….
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So excited for my first time of diving, Can I do it, how how how to make it well. I felt excited since I opened my eyes and became more excited when I arrived at diving point (Hin rap diving point). I didn’t get seasickness at all because of excited.
When I dive in to the sea I have an earache very much. So I have to ascend because I didn’t equalize as well but when I descend at my second time I feel better.
“What a beautiful and non-vibrate it is” this is what I think when I dive and stunned in the same time. The excited feeling at the beginning time is all gone. Look like Iam enchanted by the underwater world. I absolutely fall in love with the sea. I am really happy and thankful with this cha…