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Hello Diver

For everyone, fish is for looking or eating ??? 

When I was diving in to the sea in my first, it makes me know that both of them are really important, and how can we make them stay forever with us. Wish everything still growing as long as possible. Follow me….

Go back to March 17, 2016

So excited for my first time of diving, Can I do it, how how how to make it well. I felt excited since I opened my eyes and became more excited when I arrived at diving point (Hin rap diving point). I didn’t get seasickness at all because of excited.

When I dive in to the sea I have an earache very much. So I have to ascend because I didn’t equalize as well but when I descend at my second time I feel better.

“What a beautiful and non-vibrate it is” this is what I think when I dive and stunned in the same time. The excited feeling at the beginning time is all gone. Look like I am enchanted by the underwater world. I absolutely fall in love with the sea. I am really happy and thankful with this chance to dive. I can see a lot of living thing under the sea such as fishes, urchins, reefs. I’m loving it !!!

And then I move from Hin rap to Him sam sao diving point. It is as beautiful as Hin Lap. I’m really enjoy and joyful  with keeping my eyes on fishes, both of alone and group fishes. Some fishes  hide in the reefs some of them come really closer to me, Omg I am surrounded by a group of fish. And then it’s time to swim up but I don’t want.

I love the sea!!!!!

Fishes which are for observing. No matter what size they are, it is all enjoy to see, But fish for eating sometimes you’re better have to choose their size before.

Choosing kind, size (their size is big or small up to what type they are) if we can do when you eat fish, it can breed and more enough  for us to eat and also joyful of watching.
Writing by Mint - Thais diver


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