Mission Possible?? Wreck Dive at HTMS Chang Wreck

Guided by Mint-Aroonkamon (Students under Diving industry THAIS can do it, season4/2016)
A depth at 22.8 m. with a slowly and cool currents. And now we are here  to dive at the biggest wreck in Thailand.

….HTMS Chang Wreck..... (His Thai Majesty Ship)

Enjoyment, Excited, Anxious, lots of feeling with this diving

Anxious to dive deeply, I’m not sure with first my first dive will be like….. good or bad, excited to go to new dive site where everybody sad it was really beautiful, Enjoy diving with many fish that I have never seen before.

HTMS Chang, This ship is extraordinary. There are many things happen and long history, if you want to know it, we have to turn the time back to the time of World War ll.

It also have English name because it was built in USA. The original name is Lincoln County (LST-898) of the United States Navy. It is a large landing ship tank and builds in at the end of World War ll. The ship participated in several combat missions whether in Okinawa and the invasion of Inchon, Korea.

So, how does the ship come to Thailand? 

Later, the US Navy assigned the ship to Thailand Navy's mission to transport weapons for fighting in the Korean War. When the Korea War finish, HTMS Chang serves as the new role of new mission to restore the abundance for Trat’s ocean.

On November 22nd, 2012, HTMS Chang was sunk in to the sea under “HTMS Chang conserve Trat’s sea” For being the Sources to restore the abundance of Trat’s sea. To be a home of fish and the artificial reefs.
The structure of this large ship is 15m. width and 100m. long and 26m. high. The size is same as standard football field.

The ship is at 30m depth with the honors of being the biggest wreck ship in Thailand. So, here is appropriate for the Advanced open water diver level. If you don’t reach this level, try to learn it.

How can I explain its beautiful by word. There are many living thing around the ship such as Cuttlefish, Squid, Batfish, Razorfish and the others more.

You are surrounded by the big crowd of fish. Your eyes are enjoy with looking at them,  Your ears can hear only your own breath. All of these make me feel really calm. I do

In additional, not only face with big crowd of fish but you will also experience with really large in front of your face whether it beauty and size. I am absent-minded with the size of the ship

When you dive, you will see

-         21m. high of the roof-deck
-         12m. high of the naval force at the stern of the ship
-         12m. high of the mainmast (almost reach the water surface)
-         And a unique length of the ship around 100 meters.

We just dive at the stern because at the bowsprit has a strong currents.

I say like in the beginning already that I feel a bit worry with this dive, will be good or not but when I dive and I can see the size of the ship and the living thing around it. I already forget what I have been felt. I can’t forget the beauty.

So, wreck dive is look like the heaven of diver. It is the place where diver dreams to be, me too and now my dream comes true already. I would say that it is not over in only one time for sure, I will come here again. I guarantee !!

See you again ...... HTMS Change Wreck….


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