SEAFOOD to Sea Life : Cause I bore !!, so dad bring me to find some shell.

Hello Divers

Nice to meet you again, After last blog that about Ray and Squid, Today I will bring everyone to the Shell’s world.

At first, I have to tell you that I don’t have much experience about seafood as your think. I just lucky that my Mom and Dad have a lot of experience about this so, they have known about seafood  (A little bit praise my parents LOL). Now we get back to our topic.

First, we have to know about these little living thing(Shell). In our wide and huge nice ocean world there is a lot of shell living and sometime, we have ever found it or eat some of them.

We estimate that there are at least 80,000 species of shell.

We can found it easily and I am one of the people who love to eat shell especially oyster. I feel like I am hungry now,  Hahaa .

And the story of finding shell is happen.

One day, I went back to visit my home at Trat district which is plentiful with food and nature. (a little announce my hometown lol)Because I felt bored at home so my mom took me to Ban Lamglad to find shells. At that moment I thought that we will gonna do this, really? I don’t think so.

It was easy like that??

OMG ! I had a lot of question and kept asking my dad untill he annoyed. LOL

So he told me that How can you know if you don’t try. If you never try you will miss this life experience. After that I told my dad.

 “Let’s go”.

Oops, I forget to tell you something. At Ban Lamglad there is a beach line but I forget the name of that beach because it had been change into a new name. So I have to apologize everyone.

After we arrived my dad taught me about how to find shell. In this area there are plenty of Semigrooved Venus and a little bit of Lamp shell. Finding method is very easily, just scratch until you find something hard after that you have to dig and you will found a shell. First time I found it, I really happy. I can also do something like this.

For fisherman, they use different way. They use Aluminium can’s bottom to scratch. Some of them divide can into a half, stab with wood and then drag it. It is up to your comfort. That day I go back to my home with lot of happiness, I had got a plenty of shell and use it to cook a shell fried with basil. But in really we can use these shell to make many menu just like sour soup made of tamarind paste ,       spicy-fried or fried with basil like I did.

It’s very tasty

I have to tell some of you who want to do something like this. You should find properly shell to cook (Properly size is bigger than our thumb). If it is too young we have wait until it is ready to be our menu. If you take it too early, it is not only you can’t eat it but you also destroy a ecology too.



Shell can live both on the ground and underwater.
It is invertebrate the second biggest from insect.
Scientist is categorizw shell into same specie as a squid.
Writing by Mint-Thais Divers


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