Mission Possible ?? Making a Reef Watch and The 9 trainees

Mr.Nattawat Kamsane,  Dissemination Officer, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources
Ms.Petchrung Sukpong, Manager of North Andaman network foundation
Mr.Sacha Ulmer, General manager of Dolphin Divers and founder of Diving industry THAIS can do it
and trainees students from Srinakharinwirot university

During the internship in koh chang,. Not only train in the Resort and Diving school but also there is one another good activity that I have done with my friend before go back to Bangkok. It is – we participate the lecture and workshop with lecturers who come from The Department Of Marine And Coastal Resources.

In a topic of The conservation Thailand’s ocean of ASEAN by Dive Master under Green Fin project. On the 6th-7th April at The Emerald Cove Resort, Koh Chang, Trat province.

When I see a time table I don’t really feel interested because it is too technical matter to learn till I see Diving on the second day. So, in the end feel a little bit wanna go.

Reef is Plant or animal, what do you think ?”  The first question from lecturer. “Who is thinking that Reef is plant please raise your hand up”

I raise my hand highly.

And the answer is……………………..Reefs is animal” 

When I hear the answer, my eyes raise one's eyebrows. Oh my god, joining today isn’t normal.
According to this answer reef is animal that is different for each kind. Moreover some of them can move.  OMG !  I have never known it before.

Not only reef’s types that they tell us but also types of fish. They make  the resources awareness to us.  For example, littering I think me and you also think that, just only a little or small garbage won’t affect to animals. It may not be anyone faults. But the animals are effected by the small garbage. Ex. Hermit crab is died by broken bottle because it can’t protect them from the heat and other animal that died because of the garbage. 
So, Did you get your answer? Small garbage won’t affect to animals, right?

The time for major activity come that is talking about Reef watch. The simplest explanation is survey coral reef(Do they still health?), make a note, monitor and send the information back to data base. For find the way to manage them in the future. We are divided into two groups. One goes to Hin Rab nort, another one go to Hin Sam Sao.

Thank a lot to my 4 times diving experience (look like so many times, lol just kidding) it make me feel like my buoyancy control become better than every last dive. Buoyancy control is very important skill. if you can’t control it well, diving for reef watch won’t be a useful.

After we are finish survey and come to the survey I don’t dare to say that I didn’t  see any death reef because this is my first for reef watch and I afraid of the fault. But in the end diving from department Of Marine And Coastal Resources say reef here is abundant, no death reef. This is really fortunately. When we arrive at hotel, we make a small buddy discussion for the nearest best answer. And the last process is filling the answer to database

Finally we are all would like to say really thank you for this coming with the good new knowledge and diving or doing activity together all day. We are really impressive and really happy to join these 2 days. It is one

memorable experience for us. And I’d like to tell you, try to find the information or contact to the Department Of Marine And Coastal Resources for ask the information from them about reef watch, you will be another power to take care our ocean reef and marine life.
Writer by Tao


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