Ocean conservation : 3 Reasons for Parrotfish must be Alive

Parrotfish is very colorful fish. Most people feed it for pleasure, but someone feed for food.
Has anyone ever eaten it? I've never because it is so colorful. And has anyone ever known how much the benefit of parrotfish for the ecosystem of under the sea?

This article, it makes us know about that, why you must conserve and treat the parrotfish to survive in the sea as long as… let's see !!! with 3 reasons for parrotfish must be alive.

1. Parrotfishs eat algae! It eats harmful algae for corals so corals not dead. Because coral is housing and the spawning of many marine animals…Do you know?

2. Parrotfishs eat coral debris!!! As a result, coral larvae fall to the ground easily and also grew up to new coral.

3. Parrotfishs have good excrement!!! Never noticed, right? It’s characteristics are “White powder”. The advantage of white excrement is increases a soil (sand) in around here which make corals grow well. It's like people, although.... Ours is not white but it is useful for homegrown vegetable.
From the above, we can see that, parrotfish is very beneficial to the ecosystem of the sea, both corals and marine animals. Which can be said that in any ecosystem have most parrotfish. Corals will grow well and can be a food source, refuge, the spawn and for incubate the larvae of marine animals have a lot. Makes the ecosystems in the sea of area around more fertile,

Imagine that, if don't have the spawn so don't have large fish for food, if don't have "parrotfish" then "people" you will feel... ugh


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