Divemaster Thais Update : Completed Rescue Diver !!! Gedz&Peam

Completed Rescue Diver !!! next step of Gedz – Chonlaphin Tansakun and Peam-Nitchaphat Liyaphankul student from Tourism and Hotel of Srinakharinwirot university. This course can make them a skill for help divers and also marine tourism when they are in emergency situations !!!

Rescue Diver course with marine tourism occupation

The objectives of this course is not only essential to dive leader but also to people working in marine tourism industry. This course is about assessment and helping victims in any situation. It is much important to assure for customer’s safety because the most influential thing customer choose for tourism service is safety.

This is another thing I have learn

We have practical exercises for helping people in panic, exhausted and unconscious situation (both surface and underwater) from this rescue diver & EFR course. For safety of rescue diver and victims, we have to can assess that we can help in any events at first. It is better that you should ask them if they want a help before (in case of responsive victim). Ask them  Diver Diver!! I’m rescue diver. May I help you? If they say ‘Yes’, you can help. We must  ask them because some countries have not Samaritans Laws.
In case of unresponsive victims, We have learnt how to manage for our safety. The most important things in helping others is your safety. It is very sensitive to help unconscious victims because you have to give enough air to nourish the body consistently. We have learnt importance to give air to the body because It may make victims become the disable if he comes back to a life. We must give rescue breath every 5 seconds. The last exercises we learnt is CPR, making the dead return to his live.
Most of thai parents don’t let their child go swimming because they are scared drowning. But parents with good visions, They would like to let theirs swim before children can’t swim and drown. I agree it. Now I can help myself and any people with diving problem because I complete rescue diver and EFR course. 

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