Supporting these threaten species to protected species …By just Photo

This year, Department of marine and coastal resources is researching how many marine lives is left by all diver’s collaboration – If you meet the following marine life, Please photo and send to us. To make research statistics on rare marine life, we’ll can support these threaten species to register protected species of Thailand.

The following is threaten and endangered species.
Devil rays                (Threaten species)
Manta rays               (Vulnerable species)
Bowmouth Guitarfish  (Vulnerable species)
Leopard Shark          (Vulnerable species)
Whale Shark            (Vulnerable species)
Saw Fish                 (Endangered species)

How to spot marine endangered animals?
Everybody has fingerprint (The twin isn’t like each other), marine life is the same. The following is differences 

Whale Shark            above the left pectoral fin
Leopard Shark          entire left side of it
Manta Ray               entire under side of it

How to send us?
Choose your pictures, Share on Social Media with #DMCR #name and YYYY/MM/DD & Site. For example   #DMCR #whaleshark  2015/02/25 at Koh Chang
What sites can you meet them?
1.      Manta Rays     found along reef range of Surin islands and Similan islands especially Hin deng, Koh Bon and Koh Tachai     In Gulf of Thailand such as Hin Bai, Koh Phangan
2.      Devil Rays      spread on tropical & temperated open sea, oceans and along reef range. Mostly found in Andaman sea
3.      Bowmouth Guitarfish/Ronin    Mostly found in Andaman sea
4.      Leopard Shark                   Mostly found in Andaman sea more than in gulf of thai  such as Surin islands,  Similan islands and PP island
5.      Saw Fish        It’s rarely found by humans.
6.      Whale Shark   Mostly found in Gulf of Thailand  

We(dolphin divers) have met Whale Shark 2-3 years lately at Koh Chang. Sacha told us that Mostly, you can meet whale shark on South Hin Raap, HTMS Chang, Hin Sam Sao and Hin luk bath on late February to early March.  

Just Meet & Photo. You can easily support these endangered to protected species. Let’s photo with them forever.


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