Mission Possible ?? Chapter 1, First Mission - Skin Diving !!

Do you think Thai people can be Dive master ?  

Diving industry THAIS can do it program will challenge them with mission possible to be dive master in many skills that important in "Dive Leader" career.  

We have 6 students take part in this project such as Peam, Gedz, Book, Aeng, Net and Tuang who would like to know about diving knowledge and find the secret of underwater world in order to be a good divemaster.  

First day of class, one of the essential skills for divemaster path is "Skin Diving !" (The action of swimming underwater without a diving portable air cylinder and breathing device) 

In swimming pool, They have to swim back at short length of swimming pool for two turns within one breath.  

First Mission : Skin Diving 
First day of swimming pool, Mr. Sacha leave Mr. Peam and Miss Gedz try to do skin diving by themselves.  

The first result test, Mr. Peam can do one turn, Miss Gedz can do half of turn.  
But with the most important concept of skin diving is control breathing to make them relax while diving and can focus on the worst case situation in diving, how to hyperventilate, keep and control breathing are top of techniques that Mr. Sacha teach them. 

Three weeks later, Practice and practice every day.  The Sacha's challenge is not hard for them to skin dive with two turns in one breath !!  

Latest result, Mr. Peam and miss Gedz can skin diving with two turns of short length of swimming pool. 

Yes, Congratulation you are Mission Possible !!!

.….To be continued with others students and their mission….. 


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