Mission Possible ?? Last 4 who conquer Dive Master

Do you think Thais can become a Dive Master ?

Started on 6th March – 29th April 2016 , Opening last 4 trainees from Srinakharinwirot University to become Dive Master in “ Diving Industry Thai Can Do It Program Year 4th Ice, Mint, Wise and Tao had write about their expectation from this program and assessment their 3 skills include English, Swimming and Diving . This following is their information.

Miss Yada Wimala (Ice) 
I want to find something that I can do and I will do my best with my heart. Adventure is everywhere and I choose here because I don’t want to waste my time to do useless thing.
-English skill : 5/10
-Swimming skill : 10/10
-Diving skill : 3/10

Miss Aroonkamon Jorsoontorn (Mint) 
I’m Mariner’s daughter and live beside the sea but I never diving!!! At first my have live beside the sea since I was born. So I have a deep connection with the sea. I love many thing in the sea, whether it be coral, swimming,  underwater world even though I never have a diving before. I just put my head in sea and open my eyes. So I think if I can diving with equipment deep in to the sea it will be the best time of my life. All of this is why I come and join the program.
 -English skill : 5/10
-Swimming skill : 7/10
-Diving skill : 3/10

Mr. Phatit Visetjindawat (Wise) 
I think that it is rare opportunity to have scuba diving and I also interested  in sea conservation, so I want to see how Thailand under the sea resource beautiful.
-English skill : 7/10
-Swimming skill : 7/10
-Diving skill : 0/10

Mr. Surasak Chartrakwong (Tao) 
I have ever do some other hotel and tourism work before. It make me already have some experience about hotel and tourism service. So I make my decision to be a trainee with Dolphin Diver because it is something new and more exciting. I hope that when I finish diving course it will be a perfect experience and every skill I have from this will be a benefit in the future.
-English skill : 6/10
-Swimming skill : 7/10
-Diving skill : 1/10

Let’s see , During 55 days. How much diving skill they can improve and which courses they will can pass.


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