Mission Possible ?? Home Beside Sea BUT Never Diving !!

Mint - Aroonkamon Jorsoontorn : Marine’s daughter who live beside the sea but, never diving before .  Become internship in “Diving Industry Thais can do it” to be a Dive Master (Dive Leader).  First time that will her know about her local sea. This is 7 Q&A that she wants to tell everyone.

1.Why did you choose to be internship in “Diving Industry Thais Can Do It” program
Mint : Because I join lecture class form “Diving Industry Thais Can Do It” at my university.At first I think about my internship that where I make decision to go. And then I found this project .  From lecture I think this is my internships answer.

2.What is the inspiration that you get after join lecture class?
Mint : After I join lecture class form “Diving Industry Thais Can Do It", I feel diving is something new to me, it’s something that is really close to me but I’ve never tried to learn before. So I decide coming here to get a new experience. I find a new way and new vision.

3.Live close to the sea but why you have never been diving before
Mint : Because most of the house area is in the custody of military so it is rare of marine activities. Some beach is not open for swimming. Most of the activities are planting the coral reef by soldier. And now some a new beach is open only for swimming and snorkeling call “NamSai Beach". so in the end there is not a beach for scuba diving. Just only snorkeling that I used to do.

4.Now you are a Diver trainee already. Anything same as your thinking or something beyond expectations.
Mint : What is the same thing I think I get a lot of experience because I’m a trainee for only two weeks but I’ve learn a lot. For about one month left I think many new experience s are waiting for me.  And the thing that is beyond my expectations is a lot also. For example working in the office. Before I come here  I think only diving that I have to do. It looks like Kill two birds with one stone and my instructors are very friendly, taking care of us very well and ton of knowledge that they give to us and assistance instructor student is very cute. I ask myself for many time if I won’t be here how can I find a really good experience like this.

5.Which part of training is you most favorite?
Mint : Absolutely, the answer is diving. It feel like I go to another world peaceful and gorgeous. It make me feel  better when I feel stress.

6.You know how to dive already so what are you going to do with diving skill in the future.
Mint : I might bring to recover the underwater world. We can able to reinforce the underwater world. Such as diving to see a coral reef to create the awareness of underwater world  conservation.

7.Tell something to someone who is interested in diving like you that why do they have to come to new a trainee with “Diving Industry Thais can do it Project”
Mint : I don’t really know how to tell because all of the thing I have told you will be making  somebody who is making  decision more easy or want to make a new vision. You have to come here you won’t disappointed for sure. If you don’t come here you will feel that you have missed and disappointed. When chance cone to you what are you waiting for. Come to join and get a new experience together.

Thai can be Diver master ? Be continued  with our mission possible.


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