How to eat a squid and Doesn’t hurt the sea.

Hello Divers

Phew!!!!! (Making a sigh) I’ve been waiting you for a long time…… I’m wait to see a squid.
What do you want to do with me??
It is too long time to wait, I feel bored.

Eh!!!! What is that?????  Come on little bit little more. I can see you. Quickly please !!!! (Everything is quiet)

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!, the squid is hooked unfortunatelyyyyy !!! it slip out of the hook.

Why do you hurt me like this!! So I’m giving up on you. May I take a sit. While now, let talk about a squid (In Thai language I prefer calling Chao Nuad to a squid) It is a aquatic animal, invertebrate, about 5 tentacles around its mouth and arranged in pairs. They use their tentacles for foraging. We mostly find 3-4 species squid in Thailand such as Hom squid, Kui squid, Kadong squid and Sai squid. A squid can be a part of the various menu same as fish. A taste is very really good and high cholesterol.

Now I’m at pier. I come with my elder brother for squid fishing and very sad until now I got nothing. I am not good at fishing as my elder brother so the only thing that I can do is only sit and keep my eyes on him. A few minute later, He comes back with a squid. We eat alive squid(just rinse with water) split it , dip in a sauce and eat it. How delicious it is. An hour later we have to let them go because the squid are too small to eat. In my opinion I feel bad when I have to release them because I worry that aren’t they hurt because of the hook? Can they heal themselves? I always say apologize to them. My elder brother tells me that squid won’t hurt when they drown then they can swim up again and regenerate new tentacles. However I still worry about them so I find something that makes me feel happy to do instead.

Oh!! Another addition, we should eat a big squid, for the small one we should release them. In the end we better buy them at the shop. Because shopkeeper sell a appropriate size.

Caution!!  We shouldn’t eat Squid eggs (spawn) because you will be the cause of decreasing propagating species.
Writing by Mint - Thai divers


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