Mission Possible ?? Chapter 2, Second Mission - Inflation !!

Do you think Thai people can be Dive master ?  

What is Second Mission !!?? 
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Before to learn divemaster course, every diver have to pass "Rescue Diver course".  There are not only skin dive skill for essential skills but also "inflation" skills for control your balance when you stay on the surface to help victim or abnormal diver.  

As a good divemaster, Miss Book, miss Aeng and miss Net have to learn "inflation skill". 

Second Mission : Inflation 
The first result test : All of them can not control their inflation more than 10 minutes. 

A early period of this project, Miss Book, Aeng and Net try to do inflation skill and can not make it good. Anyway, Mr. Sacha teach them about how to fins, make balance and breathing, after that he demonstrate for them. 

Practice every day is the best way to improve their inflation, that why for 15 minutes are not hard for them to keep inflation without touching swimming floor !!! 

Latest result, Miss Book, Aeng and Net can control their inflation more than 15 minutes. !!! 

Yes, Congratulation they are Mission Possible 

Conclusion of five trainees mission; Motivation, intention and open minded can make they learn new thing although everybody have not been diving before. They get one of the most experience in their life for sure.  

The main idea that made five trainees pass course and get "divemaster certification" are their volitation and mr. Sacha's endeavor to develop new generation of Thai divemaster with correct skills, conservation mind, great performance. That is why the word of "divemaster" have more meaning of "dive leader" for them.  Strong community of new generation of diver who would like to protect the sea and proud of Thai people for welcome abroad tourist or diver to touch the underwater world of Thailand. 

Please looking forward to next group of trainee and their mission. Coming soon


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